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Get What You Want


Get What You Want



Problems can grip us in the middle of the night interrupting our peace to hold hostage our happiness.  They come at an alarming pace, and you can’t talk your heart out of joining the race, afraid to death that your chest will give way to the fear, desperately in search of solutions but one you cannot hear.  Frantically in need of a “fixer” an Olivia Pope in your life,  -absolutely no problem to hard to solve.  Need a sure bet person, team, or set of tools, crisis management and results? Learn the techniques Olivia Pope uses to keep us glued to Scandal with bated breath.  Every one of us has come up against a problem in our life, something that requires a skill set that we aren’t sure we possess.  That thing that keeps us stumped, stuck even for years, running around chasing our tails in a never-ending circle of disappointment. 


Stop It! You can take a series of steps that will cause you to solve problems by simply thinking the right thoughts.  The first objective is to feel better.  The first thing Olivia Pope says to herself is “I can fix this” Catch yourself when ever you feel the problem is overwhelming.  The first step is feeling better.  Step 2, Define what you want.  Kill the negative picture in your head, replace it with what you want. The law of attraction will help you manifest your thoughts – the more intensity you put into that thought, the more power you put in, the more emotion the more likely you are to create your desired outcome.


What is it about Olivia Pope that makes us love her so much?   Just the right mix of power, sex, vulnerability and confidence.  Interestingly enough we don’t know much about her – nothing about her parents, siblings, family or spiritual beliefs, we just know she can and will fix it.  We know that she is successful at what ever she puts her mind to.  We love to see her win, even cheering her on in a forbidden relationship – one that defies morals, ethics and reeks of shade –now that is real power!


Looking good translates into feeling good.  With an enviable wardrobe; Olivia Pope’s subtle sexiness and assertive power is often swathed in pioneer designers Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Michael Kors, banging accessories and couture gowns.  Women want to be her, men want to love her, she commands both sides of the aisle and you can too.  

Once you’ve defined what you want, go for it with reckless abandon.  Is there anything you can leverage? What assistance do you need?  Create your dream team! Olivia is smart enough to know she needs help, so she is surrounded with the best in the business, starting at the top.  She has access to people who can make things happen.  Is there anything the President of the United States can’t fix for her? No!  She has skillfully positioned him so that he can’t refuse her need for assistance. Aim for excellence! It is your right.