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Wealth Group

The Wealth Group is a private group of individuals who meet online bi-weekly to discuss wealth building strategies.


Membership provides access to exclusive on-air discussions with Wealth Strategists, Self Made Millionaires, Authors, Entertainers and Professional Athletes who share their personal strategies for creating and sustaining wealth.


Wealth Group Members can access a secret online group to share ideas, ask questions for feedback, and build relationships with new like minded individuals. You can do all this from the phone in the palm of your hand.


Joining the wealth group requires a commitment to yourself to honor 2 set appointments per month to focus on your wealth plan.


Unless your wealth goals are against the laws of God or society – you can attain them.  The goals you set are up to you. We will help you control your ability to achieve any goal you set.


Wealth is about more than money. It is about freedom. It is about the gifts you can give, the problems you can solve, the lifestyle you can have, the food you can eat, and the experiences you can afford.


You can join the wealth group at the bottom of your screen. Then you will receive a digital welcome package with your meeting credentials, meeting prep, guest bio and Calendar of important dates.


If you’re thinking of excuses for why you can’t commit to a wealth plan right now, determine if creating wealth is a priority in your life -then subscribe if it is. What you focus on will grow.

49 mo.

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